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Exterior House Wash guarantees incredible results for all kinds of outdoor surfaces, from wood to concrete and everything in between. Here are few services which we offer.

House Soft Wash

We all know our homes get dirty so quickly, our team at Exterior House Wash uses a soft wash washing technique which will bring your home back to its original condition. You will be astonished by the results. The detergents used are bio-degradable and environment-friendly to all plants, pets and humans. It will remove all dirt and grime while maintaining to protect and preserve the integrity of your home. I recomme...

Driveway & Pathway Cleaning

Exterior House Wash has the experience and expertise to clean even the dirtiest driveways and pathways for homes and commercial properties, and no job is too big. With various cleaning techniques, our team will quickly blast away all dirt, grime and mould from your driveway and pathway leaving a fresh and new impression. Exterior House Wash gives our customer-satisfaction guarantee meaning we will clean your drivew...

Roof Treatment

If you have a build-up of dirt, moss, mould and lichen on your roof, give Exterior House Wash services a call.Roofs can quickly become dirty due to our weather conditions as it is easy for moss, mould and lichen to form which have a detrimental effect on all of our roofing systems. The root system on the lichen anchors and etches into the roof causing permanent damage. Therefore, it is recommended all new and exist...

Gutter Cleaning

Unblock your gutters by Exterior House Wash services. In most cases this is left unnoticed, until the winter season starts or there is a heavy downpour of rain, realising the gutters are overflowing with water due to gutters being clogged up with debris such as plant life and leaves or the downpipes are blocked. There are two ways of clearing your gutters of debris: manually by hand or by the latest cleaning techno...

Fence and Deck Cleaning

Fences and decks are commonly neglected in your home due to algae and mildew buildup. This can cause slippery decks and unsightly outdoor areas. Exterior House Wash is passionate about reviving these areas by using environmentally friendly products and various water blasting techniques.


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